Shameless Plugs for the New Year!

As the title states, before the start of the New Year (or during the start), go and check out the artists I’ve previously discussed on the Discovery blog! I started this blog in my freshman year of college, so just in case, be easy on the young me haha šŸ˜‰

Wow, another year. I’ve had this blog for about 3-4 years now, and I can’t wait to provide more content for the years to come! Thanks to all who dropped by the site during this time-span. As for now……

I wish you all a H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

Wolf Of Wall Street dance

J Dilla – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The Specifics – Smoothest group you’ll ever hear

Nujabes – My favorite artist of all time; one of the greatest music producers

Gang Starr – Old school vibes that are timeless

Yoko KannoĀ – Another of my favorite artists; a goddess among composers


More Announcements (Oh Man…)


Well, hopefully I haven’t rustled your jimmies too much lately, but there’s even more news I need to bring you guys!

First off, check the sites header up above ^. See a difference? I’ve added a Season 1 tab for all of the Discovery Shows thus far (yes, I completed the uploading processes). So, if you ever wanted to check them out, the tab will always be there for you.
Next up, this site has now officially joined the Internet Defense League! For those not in the know, the official launch happened on July 19th (with a “Cat” signal penetrating the night sky). To put it simply, the League defends Internet Freedom from institutions and monopolies who try to control and corrupt it. I’ve joined because if the Internet does reach a dangerous point, I will be able to help the League by taking action in whatever form is best (such as sending a message to everyone telling them to contact their elected leaders). WordPress is a part of this as well, so check it out when you get a chance here. This site may not be an official site jussssst yet, but I will make it so soon…
And finally, if you missed the latest post on another artist, I’ve got you covered! This time, I bring to you Kenichiro Nishihara.