Musical Discovery Audio Blog Post 5 – Yoko Kanno


Albums I’ve checked out this past month

What’s going down, my fellow music lovers? For this month, I’ve decided to talk a little on albums I’ve listened to and enjoyed this past month. You’ll find an interesting combo of sound that has peaked my interest. I definitely suggest you check these albums out when you get a chance. Let’s start with….

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Stations and Artists found through Pandora (Pt. 2)


Continuing from where we last left off….

The Chill Section

Chill Folks Only

 This section contains the stations that I listen to whenever I need to ease down and just chill out for an hour or two. The Celtic radio station is made up of music I’ve had a fondness of for quite some time. With a combination of folk influences and melodic variations, Celtic music sounds exquisite when it hits your ears. The artists that provide the sound range from Natalie MacMaster, Golden Bough, Les Freres Brunet and Peter Ostroushko. Definitely worth your time to listen in on a few different types of tracks from that area of music. The John Coltrane radio station is essentially my “Jazz Central.” Trumpets, pianos and saxes are usually the main instruments within Jazz and when in play, you can successfully crank the chill meter to 11 due to its classic jazz roots and mid-tempo swing. Common artists on this station are Tommy Flanagan, Stan Getz, Duke Ellington and Andrea Pozza. I definitely recommend having this station as one of those you listen to/create first. Moving on, the James Blake radio station and Sampha radio station are a couple of my more interesting stations. Each seems to be influenced by a myriad of styles, ranging from electronic music to a little R&B to a little hip-hop and more. Unsyncopated ensemble rhythms are the common denominator and some of the artists that provide this type of sound consist of SBTRKT, Tokimonsta, Submotion Orchestra, Bondax and Jono McCleery. Both stations are some of my better finds on Pandora. Finally, the Frank Sinatra radio is essentially a trip back to the old school. Swing and dance dominate this station, which are followed by leisurely tempos, smooth vocals and  piano/horn ensembles in the background. The usual culprits of this station revolve around Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Astrud Gilberto and Dean Martin.

Here’s a little taste of the Celtic radio station:


What A Mix

What a Mix

 This next section is basically ALL over the place. Starting with the Gene Kelly radio station, it’s almost a replica of the Frank Sinatra radio station. The old school is also an influence here as well, but some of the focus is on multiple vocalists, soundtracks of movies and romantic lyrics. Some familiar artists show up here, such as Sinatra and Armstrong, but are joined by Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Bobby Darin. The Randy Newman radio station revolves around the blues with a slight mix of classic soul. Artists that dominate here are Ray Charles, The Band, Van Morrison and Otis Redding. The Beatles radio station focuses on a mixture of folk, rock, classical and psychedelic. The artists that play a factor here are Guess Who, The Turtles, Billy Joel and Creedence Clearwater Revival. The Seal radio station is also one of my favorites, focusing on the type of musical quality you would hear in recording studios. Influences ranged from synthesized rock, r&B and vocal harmonizing, and the artists who were able to provide this type of sound revolved around Sting, Sade, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. Finally, the Rage Against the Machine radio station is when I need to rage the most ( which equates to when I’m exercising). This is the station that gets you hype enough to put your fist through an unknown person’s car window. This station revolves around music of a head-banging, hard rock/rap/metal nature. Artists that bring the rage jump from One Day as a Lion to Audioslave to Tool.

And here’s a taste of Seal radio:

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