Personal Website

If you’ve liked what I’ve provided for you on the blog, I’m glad to hear it. It’s been fun trying to provide different types of music for you, the audience, and don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon (college is over and done with, so yeah…I’ll have free time, hahaha).

In case you wanted to learn more about me (Kenton Owen III), I  have my own personal website dedicated to my future profession: Acting. Head on over and take a look to learn more about me, my talents and the like.

KO3’s Website

As for the Discovery Blog, I plan on keeping this updated for years to come. My plan is to one day have the ‘Underground’ become the “New” mainstream. As more and more of the populace finally come to the realization that the ‘Underground’ is where it’s at, I’ll feel that my persistence over the years will be incredibly meaningful.

Once again, thanks for coming and reading my blog posts. I appreciate it immensely….

-Kenton Owen III


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