Kenton Owen III

“As the creator of this blog, I’m not looking for recognition or glory or anything of that equivalent. I just want the artists that are out there (and on this blog) to be recognized for who they are and the music that they provide to the people in the world. I have noticed the lack of sense lately in the music world of now and how radio stations play the quote/unquote “popular” music. I had listened to that type of music for many years and some time ago, I decided that I wanted no more of that. I searched for music that made me feel at ease and feel chilled out and luckily, I found the Underground. So many of these artisits provide music that quite frankly, is better than much of the music that is played in the mainstream, and my goal lies within that. I want to be able to let the people know that there ‘IS’ other music out there and that most of it will still provide enjoyment, if not more so. ‘Real’ music is right in front of you. Just open that door and let yourself be taken for the ride of a lifetime. I’ve been on that ride for awhile now, and I won’t mind moving over some to allow more people to jump on and enjoy the ride as well….”


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