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I’ll just let this guy tell ya


That Good Sound…

((This is something I wrote for a friend for their blog. I wanted to share it here as well))

There are many of us who enjoy what music brings to our lives whether it’s Kendrick’s intense rhymes, Jabberloop’s jazzy instrumentation or Tiësto’s mystical mixing, but there are also many of us who truly feel what music creates inside all of us. It’s that lovely, pure sound that brings out the passion within and leaves us wanting more and more. It’s the sound that brings people together and can also set up the final chapter on a relationship. Music is what keeps our souls resonating with one another, making it damn near another form of communication.

This is why it’s incredibly hard to fathom a universe without music. That’s not something I can (or want to) even imagine. Hell, I refuse to give existence to such a thought…

Thank the musical gods that’s not our reality….

As for my specific musical tastes, I’ve gone from hip-hop and rap to jazz and horns to electronic and breakdance. I could say I’m a…music connoisseur (sounds legit as shit, eh?), but let’s be honest; I simply enjoy the various types of sound that music provides to us all. Each genre seems to have its own appealing pull that, once you give in, will take you on a journey that will leave you thirsty for more. Unfortunately (or thankfully in some weird way) I almost didn’t have a chance to experience these moments. There was honestly a time long ago where I seemed to only listen to whatever was on a radio station. I foolishly believed that since it was the only music that was available to me, it must be the best sound out there!


I’d like to blame this thinking on my youth, but I’m not going to give myself a way out. Thankfully, as I grew and became more mature (and as technology also grew and became stronger), I found more musical avenues around the corner. I shudder to think what would have happened to me if good music didn’t reach out and save me. These musical adventures can be experienced (and has been even if you haven’t realized it) by everyone. You just have to allow yourselves to be taken for that ride. Let yourself be taken by music you never gave the time of day for in the past. You’ll always be surprised more times than not.

Do you all see where I’m going with this? Music is about that wondrous feeling.  Whether I’m chillin’ in my bed trying to fall asleep, B-boying outside in random locations (from parking lots to streets) or trying to recover from a recent break-up, if I’m not feeling what I’m listening to, there’s no point. You would be listening just for the sake of listening. That’s robotic….cold….

Not you. I guaran-damn-tee you’re not even close to being something of that nature, right?

Music has to be my mood setter, no doubt. From when I wake up and get the day going to when I’m winding down and preparing myself for a long night’s rest, music is always there for me. As I said earlier, thank the musical makers up above that we have a medium that everyone can enjoy in various ways.

Diversification at its finest, if I dare say so myself.

So I’ll say this: if you’ve never thought of experiencing other types of music, please destroy, obliterate, hell…MISREMEMBER that hellacious mindset. There’s way too much of that good sound for you to just stay stationary in one area. Live a little, my people! Break out of the shell and take a shot in the dark.  Keep enjoying what music in general provides for you.

Trust me. There’s nothing but great times when it comes to ♫♪ music ♪♫

Updating My hiatus

Hello fellow music faithful! It’s been quite some time since I last updated the blog and I wanted to give you all a heads-up as to why. To start, I’ve actually been delving into the world of B-boy (break dancing) for the past few months. I’ve recently been interested in the dance scene so I spent an entire month or so practicing the fundamentals of B-boy, starting with Toprock. I think I have it (the fundamentals) mostly down and that’s probably all I’ll want to do for now. It has been hellaciously fun and I do recommend trying out dancing or whatever you’ve been wanting to do! It’s never too late nor is it impossible. Just do the damn thing!

Here’s some example of Toprock from Milestone Breaks:

Continuing on, I’ve also been writing up a music piece to put on a newly created site called Rage Kitty. The creators (one of them being a college friend) have been busy updating it, so not sure when the piece will be up or not. But if it’s a no go, I’ll just upload it here. I enjoy writing my thoughts on music, so this was a fun opportunity to do so and help out a friend at the same time!

And I’ve also been finding more and more music during my time away as well. My goodness, so much good stuff I’ll be posting on down the line! From the B-boy sound to chill mixes and more. I think the next artist discussed will have some…”horn flavor” involved, hehhehe


So again, stay tuned for much more on the Discovery Blog! I know I’ve never been away this long but when I am, it means I’m doing a lot behind the scenes, hahaha!


Quick Update!

just jammin Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I’ve recently obtained a job a few weeks ago, so I’ve been trying to set a schedule for myself in order to keep things focused and consistent. Expect an official Discovery post sometime early next month.

What I’m planning next revolves around a possible double feature (two artists in one post). Who knows, eh? EHHHHHHH? Hahahaha

Finally Graduated! Now, Back To Business

Well, officially an alumnus of Ball State University. WHOOO!!! My apologies for being away for so long, but I needed to concentrate on school. Hope everyone understands that :]

cheers to you

And now, I can put my concentration on the blog again! I’ve discovered a LOT of music this past year, and I can’t wait to share it. I think my next few posts will be about my Pandora and what stations I’ve been jammin to lately. There are many artists on these stations that I’ve been pleased to discover through the artists I already liked! Technology is amaaaazzzzzziiinnnnggg… But yeah, there you have it. We’re back in business, guys. OH! And check out this track by Pete Philly and Perquisite with Talib Kweli. Diggin it hard right now  ♫♪♫♪♪♫

♪ What’s Going On…. ♪

Hey ladies and gents! Just a quick update for what will be going on with the blog for the next few months. As of now, I am back in college so that means the updates will vary from


  time to time. Luckily, if I play my cards right, I will be able to graduate from Ball State University by the end of this year (WOOT)!

Wish me luck with that. For now, I have more artists in store for the near future, but until then, hold tight and check out these cool cats. SICK lyricism and SICK flow by Pete Philly & Perquisite.

2 Years of Discovery Goodness

Finally, all of the Discovery shows from my collegiate career have been U P L O A D E D

yeah, yeah, yeah

To catch both seasons of the Discovery show, either click on these links to Seasons 1 and 2:

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Season 2

…OR go to the main Vimeo page, located here.

And if you missed the latest post, check it out right…