This site will be used for the discovery of “true music”. The reason as to why I created the blog has to do with the state of the musical world today. What we hear now on the radio (and in general) pales in comparison to what many refer to as the “Underground.” Underground music is music that is original and creative, providing high levels of incredible sound and lyricism. It does not conform to the hype or sex appeal, if you will, of the ‘sound’ that we call mainstream music…

There are artists that are not being noticed as much as they should be, so my goal is to discuss (as well as play the music of) artists that I feel take music to another plane of existence, liberating our minds with their spectacular sound. I believe that if more people listened to the “Underground,” their thoughts on what music truly is will change dramatically.

I usually update artists once or twice a week. I want this site to flourish now and into the future, so don’t think I’ll ever forget about what has taken place here….

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting, liking and now following the Two Bruces blog. We’re glad to have you with us. Bruce likes music alright, but since being released, all he plays are his The Wiggles CD. I think he had too much thorazine. Hope exposure to your blog snaps him out of it.

    Bruce and Bruce

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