Penthouse Penthouse – Lean Back and Ease Up


Let’s start out 2016 right with a couple of cool cats whose sound eclipses chill

Chill music has been one of the many blessings I’ve been able to receive as I’ve listened to the underground these past few years. It can come in various styles and sounds, but ultimately, music that lets you vibe out and relax will always be of much importance when it comes to my pure enjoyment. Luckily, our next group of artists seem to have been born in the Chill domain due to how smooth their sound is. Coming from the West Coast, Penthouse Penthouse is comprised of two gentlemen: Michael Parvizi and Preston Walker. And thanks to these two, it feels I’ve been musically blessed way more than I should have been….

And I’m quite thankful for that.

What made me gravitate strongly to Penthouse Penthouse was how instrumentally soulful the duo was. You could come across any of their tracks randomly in the next few days and pick up the feel of their style in an instant. They provide more of a R&B and jazz type mixture of music which, if you know me by now, is pure ecstasy for me. But what sets them apart from most is that they add a different type of flavor with their tracks due to how well they produce and how bass-focused they seem to be.

The bass that they provide in their tracks seems to play a huge role in their sound. It’s like they create and produce the track specifically around the deep bass and see where things go from there. Take one of their latest songs “Thru Time and Space” for instance. It starts out with a lightly strummed guitar leading you right into the hard bass and beat that hit with such clear smoothness. The music then begins to revolve around the beat and take a more orchestral feel around the 1:12 mark. That’s when the feeling of truly  being a part of time and space truly kicks in for me. Penthouse Penthouse’s song grabs me from there and sends me on a galactic cruise through space with no destination set. The journey is what truly matters with this song and they nailed it perfectly.

I can’t wait to hear more of what these two will provide in 2016. There’s no ceiling for this dynamic duo at all and they’ve already come out the gate strong. As one of my go-to groups when it comes to music lately, I hope nothing but the best for them.

To hear more from Penthouse Penthouse, check out their Bandcamp, Twitter, Songkick, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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