J Dilla – The True MC

The Legend

We start off on the “Music Discovery” artist list with a man that without him, many of these artists/producers/MC’s would be nothing. J Dilla or Jay Dee (real name – James Dewitt Yancey) is an artist that has a flow that anyone could jam to. When I first listened to J Dilla, I was hooked immediately to the smoothness of his tracks. The vibe and quality he created made me feel him throughout his music. Tracks like “Dollar Circulate”, “Think Twice”, and “So Far To Go” are a few of the many tracks that Dilla produced, and with each track comes a chance to experience a different type of flow from the one and the only…

Rest In Peace, Dee. Rest in Peace…

To learn more about J Dilla, go here. A few of the tracks are on the next page for you to listen


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