Updating My hiatus

Hello fellow music faithful! It’s been quite some time since I last updated the blog and I wanted to give you all a heads-up as to why. To start, I’ve actually been delving into the world of B-boy (break dancing) for the past few months. I’ve recently been interested in the dance scene so I spent an entire month or so practicing the fundamentals of B-boy, starting with Toprock. I think I have it (the fundamentals) mostly down and that’s probably all I’ll want to do for now. It has been hellaciously fun and I do recommend trying out dancing or whatever you’ve been wanting to do! It’s never too late nor is it impossible. Just do the damn thing!

Here’s some example of Toprock from Milestone Breaks:

Continuing on, I’ve also been writing up a music piece to put on a newly created site called Rage Kitty. The creators (one of them being a college friend) have been busy updating it, so not sure when the piece will be up or not. But if it’s a no go, I’ll just upload it here. I enjoy writing my thoughts on music, so this was a fun opportunity to do so and help out a friend at the same time!

And I’ve also been finding more and more music during my time away as well. My goodness, so much good stuff I’ll be posting on down the line! From the B-boy sound to chill mixes and more. I think the next artist discussed will have some…”horn flavor” involved, hehhehe


So again, stay tuned for much more on the Discovery Blog! I know I’ve never been away this long but when I am, it means I’m doing a lot behind the scenes, hahaha!


Albums I’ve checked out this past month

What’s going down, my fellow music lovers? For this month, I’ve decided to talk a little on albums I’ve listened to and enjoyed this past month. You’ll find an interesting combo of sound that has peaked my interest. I definitely suggest you check these albums out when you get a chance. Let’s start with….

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Quick Update!

just jammin Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I’ve recently obtained a job a few weeks ago, so I’ve been trying to set a schedule for myself in order to keep things focused and consistent. Expect an official Discovery post sometime early next month.

What I’m planning next revolves around a possible double feature (two artists in one post). Who knows, eh? EHHHHHHH? Hahahaha