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Just wanted to give a quick heads up that the next artist I plan to discuss will be up on the site in a few days. Reason why it took a few more weeks than usual was because I’ve been going through my music collection, trying to find more artists that deserve to be mentioned and talked about among the community. Hopefully, I’ll have plenty more down the line for you guys!

Stations and Artists found through Pandora (Pt. 3/Final)


Time to finish this list up!


Relaxation  This next section has an international vibe mixed in with a relaxed tone. Starting with the Indiana Classical radio station, it’s essentially what the name states: Classical Indian music. It’s mainly acoustic instrumentation from different sources of instruments such as the sitar, the tanpoora, the tabla and more. Bhavani Shankar, Anoushka Shankar and Vilayat Khan are some of the artists who sounds show up on this station. Definitely a sound to just sit and bask in. The Arabian radio station is also what the name states: Arabic music. The dominant sound in their world seems to range from ouds to neys to qanuns (equivalent of harps). Artists such as the Gizira Band, Maduro and Al Conti are the usual suspects on this station. Once again, another type of sound where you will be delighted to discover. The Game Soundtracks station focuses on the makings of video game music, whether made by an orchestra or just made in a 16-bit style. Games that were the first to come to mind when I first searched out the station ranged from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda and Mario. If there are inclusions of symphonies and dramatic aesthetics within the soundtracks, they’re definitely on the list. The Lupe Fiasco radio station is based on one of my favorite artists, Lupe Fiasco. His style and how he presents his music hit me in a major way when I was younger, sticking with me ever since. Artists that appear on his station range from Outkast, some Kanye, Talib Kweli and more. Definitely a needed station on anyone’s radar. Finally, the Piano Guys radio station consists of a…new age type of piano style. With the inclusion of violins, pianos and any other instrument relaying a story-telling feeling, this station is definitely climbing the ranks of what I listen to when I’m busy working on a myriad of tasks. Artists included in this station are the Dallas String Quartet, Tim Callicrate and piano versions of popular songs of today.

Here’s a quick taste of the Arabian radio station:


Forth and Back

Forth and Back

 THE END OF IT ALL, haha. I would call this a “strange mix of music that has caught my fancy…,” yeah, that’s it. Starting with the Carl Orff radio station, the type of music focused on is the sound of the dramatic. The sound seems to be in the weak to strong category when it comes to the aesthetic and rhythmic appeal. Modest Mussorgsky, Robert Schumann and Antonin Dvorak are the artists who show up the most on this station. For the Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto radio station, it’s a pretty laid-back sound that takes place. The inclusion of Brazilian jazz rhythms, some instrumental accompaniment and the singing of romance in another language dominates this station. The smooth artists who call this their domain range from Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Veronneau and Ramsey Lewis. This is the sound you play on those cruise getaways or those romantic nights (for those with a significant other). The Gregorian Chant radio is something I recently received an interest in (thanks to one of mis amigas). Gregorian chant is basically monophonic chanting by either a chorus of men, women, boys, girls or a mixture of them all. At first thought, I didn’t think I would be a fan of this type of music, but after sitting and listening to their sound for hours on end, I became a fan in an instant. There are many with a background in Gregorian chant, so if you get the chance, do take a moment to listen to the style. And finally, the Remix radio station is, well….the party station. The station consists of DJ remixes of songs to get hype to. Bro Safari, DJ Snake, Lil Jon and Yellow Claw are my usual suspects on this channel. Whenever I have moments of just rocking my head in all directions and not giving a damn who stares at me, this station is choice #1.

And here’s a quick taste of the Gregorian Chant radio station


We’ll be back to the normal discovery posts in the coming weeks (next posting, basically)! Hope the Pandora posts allow you the opportunity to check out more music of a different taste. 

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